How to get a new look before New Year’s Eve madness

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I think there is no woman who does not seek beauty during such a dazzling special evening, which is the New Year. However, even the most beautiful dress and makeup does not make you become ball queen, if your body and face will show signs of fatigue. So take care of yourself  before the New Year’s Eve and apply appropriate  treatments. For New Year’s Eve creation  ensure take special consideration of your skin.

Sakurako Kitsa / photo on flickr

Sakurako Kitsa / photo on flickr

Rough, ashen, tired skin can only make look you unatractive. It is essential to use a good scrub that will remove dead skin cells, making the skin perfectly smooth, firm and radiant. You do not have to spend lots of money at the drugstore, if you can not afford the expenses, make your own scrub. It’s very simple. Just use a plain yogurt, or your favorite lotion or gel to clean the body, combined with coarse salt, sugar, crushed grains of coffee or chopped nuts.

You must also give your skin a nice, healthy color. To do this, do not go to a tanning salon, better go to the nearest drugstore and buy one of the available bronzers and tanning lotions. If you have no experience in use of self-tanning cosmetics, reach for bronzing lotion. It will give your skin a nice, golden color gradually, and if you distribute it properly, it will not leave on your body ugly dark marks. When your body is already perfectly smooth and you have a beautiful golden brown color it’s time for epilation. Take the most time for hair removal from the calves and armpits.

You can select the type of hair removal that is most convenient for you: regular razor, epilator, cream, or wax. Remember not to do a hair removal at the last minute so you won’t present at New Year’s Eve with irritated, reddened skin. After all the body treatments take care of your face. It’s also useful to do peeling, but a little softer than the one you used for the body. from the best for  the face  it’s an enzymatic peeling , which is available at any drugstore. After peeling use highly moisturizing and nourishing mask. A mask will perfectly moisturize your skin, brighten it up and add firmness, it is also an excellent base for make-up. After washing it off, pat a moisturizing cream. If you are planning to wear skimpy sandals for a New Year’s Eve ball, you absolutely cannot forget about feet treatment . Peel off dead skin, moisturize it and file the nails. Remember that a professional pedicure can be done not only at the beauty salon, , but also in the comfort of your own home.

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