How to freshen up your wardrobe in a cheap way

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Your wallet is empty, and you again do not have anything to wear? Follow our advice and you’ll find out how to cheaply refresh your closet. Certainly you have in your closet weight clothes that You could use for a little renovation. Contrary to appearances, even with quite old-fashioned piece of garment, you can create a brand new, sensational creation. Here we go!

abhiomkar / photo on flickr

abhiomkar / photo on flickr

Look closer at your clothes and decide what you want to change in them. Maybe some of them need color refreshment, adding another interesting ornaments, and yet another complete change of fashion? Then run to the habersashery and collect materials that will be needed. These may be, for example laces, buttons, sequins, beads, a piece of pretty fabric. Prepare scissors, needle, thread, if you can sew on a machine that’s great, if not – some processing will take you a little longer, but the satisfaction of effect should make it up to you. Now it is time for fun. Use your imagination, you can get inspiration from the colorful magazines or programs about fashion and proceed to action.

Where do you need to subtract do it, and in other places add material, sew on ornaments. Remember, however, to do so in moderation and taste, long gone are the days when clothes overloaded with trinkets were on the top. If you spend enough time and patience, you can create an entirely new, and most of all cheap and fashionable clothes. Another way to refresh your wardrobe is the internet. Hunt for bargains at auction sites and those where users sell or exchange their clothes. You can therefore hit the real gems.

If you do not have confidence in shopping via Internet, go to second hand  or shop, dealing with the sale of clothing, the ends collection. With a little luck and a low cost hit the fashionable clothes, made of top quality materials, and what’s more from famous designers. You can also share your ideas for a cheap refreshed wardrobes with friends. Maybe they would like to do some review in their closets? Make an appointment so that both of you can meet and drink a good wine or tea and with the pleasant atmosphere you can exchange together clothes that you are already bored with. If you have similar tastes, it is likely that each of you will be a happy owner of some new clothes in your collections.

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