How to file a complaint about the insurer.

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Insurers, despite many promises of  providing us with security and compensating our losses do not always live up to their responsibilities. It turns out that if there is some kind of a loophole in the contract, we may not get the money.

comedy_nose / photo on flickr

comedy_nose / photo on flickr

We should always very carefully read the terms of agreement, and ask to indicate the passages that say about the conditions when we do not get paid. Of course, whatever the insurer may point out, we do not have to agree with, but either way he does not have to pay. Does this mean that we cannot do anything? On our own, particularly, its very hard to fight with the big insurance company, but we can amend to the Insurance Ombudsman office, whose main task is to represent the insured persons and advise them.

You can write a complaint to the Ombudsman at any time and it will be analyzed. What do you need to do ? First of all, you need an accurate description of the situation from our perspective, as well as all of our data including social security number. In addition, it is wise to attach photocopies of all important documents or any kind of contract, the conditions of insurance and correspondence with the insurer if it was conducted. Of course you cannot forget about such basic data as policy numbers and insurance information. This is worth of mentioning because in the papers of  information we have to provide, it is easy to forget the most obvious things.

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