How to eliminate rust?

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Rust can be formed due to the oxidation of iron in water and humid atmosphere. It is easy to recognize, because it creates the heterogeneous, red layer on metal objects.

Photo credit: HVargas / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: HVargas / Foter / CC BY-SA

Sometimes rust stains may appear on the sink, tiles or on clothing. The rust can often damage metal objects stored in garages and basements, if such object have long been unused. The moisture in such places, especially in basements, supports the formation of rust. If you notice rust on metal surfaces, you need to carefully remove it. There are a couple of effective, simple, home-made methods of removing it permanently.

You can use vinegar, i.e. 10% acetic acid. It is a perfect way of getting rid of the rust. You just need to soak metal objects in it for an appropriate amount of time, depending on the layer of rust. Coca-cola has a similar effect on the rust as acid. You can also soak metal objects in coke, however it may cause them to change color slightly with time. It happens that the meta gets darker. Various stores offer special products for rust removal (liquids, powders, rust-removers), or you can choose to use one of the home-made, effective cleaning products.

A home-made mixture can easily remove rust that appeared on, e.g. an old bike. In order to prepare the mixture it is worth using the cheapest powder for cleaning pots, water mixed with vinegar, a sponge or a small brush. The powder needs to be mixed with water in such proportions, so that you create a rather thick mass. Clean the rusted surface with such a mixture applied on a cloth. At the end, rinse the cleaned object with water and then wipe it dry.

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