How to dress for a bike ride

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Amateur of cycling often wonder how to dress for a bike ride. Also on as a motorcycle there is a kind of dress code – to be practical and comfortable, yet stylish.  All depends on the weather conditions.  The most convenient shoes for all weather are sneakers.  

saraicat / photo on flickr

saraicat / photo on flickr

In the summer it is worth to replace them with sandals with flat heels. Thanks to them, leg does not so sweat and you will feel much more comfortable.  When it comes to dress for hot days, it is best to put on a white, cotton shirt  which will not show unsightly sweat stains and the dark pants – that will perfectly mask dust and grease.  On colder days, you must note that the rush of air  will make it even more cold to us. So warmer clothing will be necessary.

Choose pants with narrow legs or leggings, avoid the danger of screwing them up in pedals.  On the cotton shirt its best to put on zipped hoodie or leather  jacket. Trainers can be replaced by super trendy  and comfortable ballerina shoes. If you like to ride a bike, even in wet weather,  have a light rainproof jacket or a very practical and fashionable among cyclists cape.  It is very useful and it takes only little space,  so when the rain stops, you’ll be able to hide it into backpack. Do not forget to put on dark trousers,  even when they will become splashed with mud or dirt  it will not be very visible and you can still show up in style.

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