How to Decorate Your Nails The New Year’s Eve

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Beauty

each of us wants to look the most beautiful. To dazzle on New Year’s Eve party, you have to take care of every detail of your appearance and this is why we suggest to beautifully decorate your nails on New Year’s Eve. Stylish, elegant French manicure will always be in fashion. However, New Year’s Eve night is glittering and shinning, so you should let  your nails to be colorful .

» Zitona « / photo on flickr

» Zitona « / photo on flickr

Think  on replacement of traditional French manicure colors: white and pink  into other color combinations. For best results bring contrasting colors together. Match shades of nails to the color of the New Year’s Eve outfit. Color can be fitted either with the dress, or with jewelry. Paint your nails in shades of dress and add fancy patterns, made with gold nail polish, if you plan to wear gold accessories.

Who said, the color of the nails must necessarily be matched to the color  New Year’s Eve outfit? You can do this and coat your nails in contrasting shades. As you know, opposites attract, despite appearances, it will look very coherent and interesting. Both in the cosmetic stores, as well as online there are  lots of various decorations for the nails available. Remember, however, to not overdo it, otherwise your manicure will look very cheesy. Keep restraint but use your imagination, and you will swap your nails

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