How to cut fuel prices by credit cards.

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Services such as day payback are not a surprise and they are offered by more and more banks. They are based on the fact that paying for certain goods or services get to the account of the return some percentage of the amount spent. No wonder that in the end it also reached in fuel prices, which are quite high.

Sprengben [why not get a friend] / photo on flickr

Sprengben [why not get a friend] / photo on flickr

The prospect of receiving a few per cent discount on fuel, on which we spend quite a lot,  is tempting. Of course, this kind of promotions are accompanied by some minimum amount, which generally are dozens of dollars, which is a lot less than other products and services covered by the promotions of this kind. However, while card payments for other products and services are not always permanent part of our household budget, if you have a car, the gas will always appear constantly.

And although the card with a discount on fuel seem to be an interesting solution, you might want to convert the well costs and benefits, because, unfortunately, but they are not free. For the maintenance of cards often have to pay and it is worth to count how many we get back the amount of fuel buying as usual, and if by chance the same cost of ownership of the card and the account will not be higher than the profit. We should also find out what fuel stations offer applicable discount. However, the offer is worth the attention and quite wide, so I believe that everyone will find something.

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