How to create a trendy and original brooch

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Brooches are fashionable again. They are beautiful and interesting decorations of dresses, especially if they are made independently. Why spend money on jewelry, since you can create something unique, tailor-made to your style? If you want to learn how to make a trendy and original brooch we suggest a fantastic idea.

☂☁ miriam ☁☂ / photo on flickr

☂☁ miriam ☁☂ / photo on flickr

With this instructions, create a beautiful, showy flower made of felt. Prepare some felt in the selected color, scissors, glue gun to glue it while hot and ready to attach the safety pin brooches. From felt, cut two circles- One with a diameter of 8cm, and a second 5cm 3 bars, one with a width of 4 inches, the other about 1 and 2 inches narrower. Each strips cut up into squares and cut them something like a pentagon with rounded corners – it will be the petals of a flower. On the basis of each of the pentagons apply a drop of glue and squeeze the sides, so that the flakes are formed.

Flakes affix with previously prepared circles around the larger diameter, starting from greatest, and ending the small ones. You can cut even tiny flakes to fill the center of a flower, or, for example, sew bead there. Behind the resulting flower, stick second wheel pinned to the pin. Your brooch is ready! In the same way you can do a brooch made of leather. We catch leather petals with the tweezers at the glued base and keep above the flame of a lighter in order to make the flakes nicely curled. Next we act the same way as in the above example.

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