How to clean vases after flowers?

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Once you put the flowers into the vase, after few days in the water may develop some microorganisms, which are harmful to the flowers.


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Organic matter, coming from decaying stems and microorganisms, settle inside the vase. This can be easily seen once the  water level in the vase drops down, and dry organic matter precipitates on the walls of the vase. Sometimes we forget to wash the vase after throwing out flowers, and after some time we notice an unpleasant odor and sludge. The best way to get rid of it is to fill the vase with water and vinegar. For 1 liter of water add seven tablespoons of vinegar.

Let the solution stand for 30 minutes – 40 minutes. Afterwards,  pour it out and wash the vase adding some detergent. It may be very difficult it can be To clean a narrow vase, or a bottom of the bottle, where the sediment accumulates, try soaking it for several hours or use a special brush for cleaning bottles. If that does not help, put into the vase some finely crushed egg shells and pour hot water with vinegar. Shake it until the residue disappears. Instead of broken eggshells, you can also use 1 tablespoon of uncooked rice.

Florists and people like to hold fresh flowers in the vases, should carefully brush the inside containers and vases to get rid of unnecessary and harmful microorganisms. You can also fill vases with cleaning solution and leave it for a while to dissolve the deposits. Water should be replaced very often to avoid contamination.

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