How to clean the bath and the shower?

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Bathtubs and shower trays cannot be brushed with the use of cleaning products containing micro-granules, or washing lotions. Micro-granules can create small scratches on the outer layers of the surface of the bathtub or shower tray. Such scratches will enlarge with time and accumulate scale and sediments.

hoto credit: shino 誌野 / Foter / CC BY

hoto credit: shino 誌野 / Foter / CC BY

Because of that, the bathtub or the shower can become matte and lose its original color. For every day care of acrylic bathtubs you can use special liquids that do not contain any abrasive particles. While cleaning the bathtub, do not use any brushes, dishcloths or abrasive cloths. Using them for a longer period of time to clean the bathtub may cause the same problems as with products containing micro-granules. For cleaning the bathtub or shower tray, you should only use soft cloths or sponges and special products designed for surfaces prone to abrasion.

Bacteria, molds and fungus are easily spread in places where moisture is present. Therefore they can often be found sinks, bathtubs and showers. The bathtub and the shower needs to be cleaned after each use and the sink and bathroom batteries should be cleaned 3 times a week, so that lime sediments, soap smudges and other kinds of dirt don’t appear. In order to clean the sink, the bathtub and the shower you should use a standard washing lotion or gel. If you have an acrylic bathtub, then you should use a special preparation for cleaning acryl or a plain liquid soap. Otherwise, you can damage the acryl.

Showers can be cleaned with a liquid with the addition of vinegar, which will effectively remove any smudges and other dirt. For greasy stains in the bathroom, e.g. on the tiles, you should use a dishwashing liquid. For cleaning joints you can buy cleaning products designed for this puporse or use a domestic method, i.e. use a solution of amonium or a baking powder.

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