How to clean milled rock tiles

Posted: July 6th, 2013 | Author: | Cleaning

Milled rock tiles are a fashionable and modern material – they are practical, they make rooms look aesthetic and modern. They are quite often used by indoor designers.

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There are two ways of applying milled rock tiles – polished and unpolished. They have become popular due to their excellent technical parameters, i.e. low moisture absorbance and high endurance against external factors, like extreme cold. Although they do not absorb moisture easily, milled rock tiles are quite easy to get dirty. Small amounts of liquids spilled on them, like coffee, oil, grease, wine, can create stains that are difficult to remove. In case of polished tiles, whose surface seems to be perfectly smooth, the stain becomes permanent even quicker. In order to properly maintain and take care of mille rock tiles, you can use special cleaning products.

You can use alkaline products to fight grease stains and products with acid reaction to fight sediments, e.g. from water. Water with vinegar is used quite often. Professional cleaning products for milled rock tiles will take care of hard-to-remove and persistent stains, oil layers, grease, rubber and shoe marks. They provide protection, enhance the color of the material and prevent new stains from appearing. They are perfect both for use outdoors and indoors.

You can use them either on wall surfaces or stoneware floors. Cleaning products for milled rock tiles are designed as a concentrate. They can be used for matte and polished floors. They are easy to maintain in cleanliness. Such concentrates can be used for cleaning glazed tiles as well. Both indoors and outdoors. They are recommended for regular use, for basic and intensive cleaning of dirty or improperly maintained surfaces.

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