How to clean LCD screens?

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Flat screens require caution when cleaning, as they are very delicate. Be careful to not damage them during cleaning by scratching.

Photo credit: Ben Adamson / / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: Ben Adamson / / CC BY-NC-SA

Turn off the monitor before cleaning. Then, when the screen appears to be black, you can see the dirty, or greasy places much more easily. Do not clean the screens included, because they can be damaged. Use a dry, soft cloth to very gently wipe the screen. A very good idea is to use a micro fiber cloth, which is also used for cleaning eyeglasses. If a dry cloth does not completely eliminate patches of dirt or grease, do not push it harder on the surface of the screen to wipe it. Direct pressure on LCD monitor can cause damage of the pixels. If it is necessary, use a little distilled water to wet the cloth, or a solution containing 1:1 proportion of distilled water, and white vinegar.

A lot of stores sell small bottles of special solutions in sprays for LCD flat screens cleaning, but mixture of water and vinegar is also effective. The plastic edge, surrounding the monitor, can be cleaned using usual detergents, but you have to be careful to avoid contact with the screen. To clean computer screens you can also use cleaner in a foam, which can be purchased at any computer store. Cleaning kits contain often special cloth for screen cleaning. Remember that LCD screens can not be cleaned with greasy agents, or any chemicals which have corrosive properties, such as gasoline, solvents, or alcohols.

Cheap and very effective for screen cleaning is a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in proportions 1:1. You can purchase the ingredients of this mixture in any automobile store. Wet a cloth with the solution (make sure the cloth doesn’t leave the hair) and wipe the screen several times, especially the dusty corners.

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