How to choose the best fireworks on New Year’s Eve

Posted: August 14th, 2013 | Author: | Occasional

Fireworks, shimmering the sky in a million fairy lights are  one of the most beautiful symbols of New Year’s Eve. We advise how to choose the best fireworks. First of all, choose safe fireworks from authorized retailers. You do not want to make this fun activity cost you the loss of a finger, or even the whole hand.

Barry Yanowitz / photo on flickr

Barry Yanowitz / photo on flickr

Fireworks must be in unopened, undamaged packaging and have instructions in Polish. The best fireworks are the ones which do not fire too loudly, as in the case of firecrackers, but wonderfully present themselves on the  night sky. The choice of light effects is really enormous, from  beautifully presented traditional, colorful flashes, to spectacular fireworks, commonly named as “falling rain” or “fountain of fire.” As in many cases, also this verifies the eternal principle that the more expensive the better. Remember, that a one , decent, delightful  pop is better than several smaller ones, which are not even noticed.

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