How to choose the best dress for New Year’s Eve

Posted: August 14th, 2013 | Author: | Clothes

Each lady  wants to look beautiful during that special night of the year of New Year’s Eve. And every woman looks most beautiful in the dress. We give some examples how to choose the best dress for New Year’s Eve. Note that the newest fashion is not a guarantee to success. Perhaps, the current trends do not work with your type of figure. 

Brandon Christopher Warren / photo on flickr

Brandon Christopher Warren / photo on flickr

Therefore, don’t follow constantly changing fashion, but find a dress which will  flatter your figure, and mask any complexes you may have. If you have a pear figure, with  full, large hips, with a  lean upper body, pick a   dress which is cut under the bust and extends downwardly.  This way you will both cover your hips and enhance your breasts. Select a soft, pouring  material, it should  not cling too much to your body.

If you have a short waist, you can decide to wear  a two-piece dress with corset. The best situation is if you have an hourglass shape,  which is considered to be the ideal. If you belong to those lucky ones that has perfect proportions,  virtually you will look great in every fashion of dress. Choose however, those that emphasize your feminine strengths Do not fall overboard, however. You will not look good neither in to tight-fitting nor to loose skirts. If you are very slim and tall, you should focus on your waist. Decide on  A shaped dress, preferably with a V-neck that will attract attention to your bust. Remember that wrinkling, draping, and embroidery, placed in the rightspots, can visually highlight them.

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