How to choose earrings for your shape of face

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What you are aiming when choosing to buy earrings? Shape, color, their own style, and maybe just the prevailing trends? There is another aspect to be taken into account – if the selected jewelry fits to your face shape and highlights your beauty. Read about several key principles and learn how to choose earrings for your shape of face.

PetitPlat - Stephanie Kilgast / photo on flickr

PetitPlat – Stephanie Kilgast / photo on flickr

If your face is oval, you can consider yourself real lucky. This shape is in fact considered to be true ideal. However, if you want a bit to enhance beautiful features of your face, opt for angular or irregular geometric earrings. However, those with milder forms, will add elegance and subtlety. So, in order to slim a round face, it is best to choose long earrings, which have vertical elements.  Check also geometric shapes – triangles, squares, rectangles or irregular and pointed. Avoid all wheels, balls and beads, which will make your face seem to be much more round.

If you have a triangle-shaped face, you should can soften its features and expand in the lower parts. For this purpose, use t earrings that are a bit more broad at the bottom, than at the top. You will also look beautiful in the oval or round earrings. However, they should not be too long. Face in a shape  resembling a square, needs some elongation.. You can do this by choosing earrings with rounded shapes – ovals, circles, spheres, balls, balls, or teardrops. The longer the earrings will be, the more they will elongate your face. Forget about all angular, sharp Finished earrings .

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