How to choose accessories

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The saying “The devil is in the details,” adopted as the golden rule of good looks. Properly fitting details can completely transform even seemingly ordinary and boring stylization. Do you want to learn how to choose accessories to look the best as possible? Here are some tips.


A true treasury of every woman. You carry it with you everywhere, so it’s important to your handbag perfectly fit you, your outfit, your posture and height. Ladies with fluffy silhouette shouldn’t carry tiny clutches, because they optically add a few more pounds. The appropriate balance of proportions will be provided by the bigger, capacious bag. Of course, it doesn’t mean that on the splendid reception you have to appear with large bag on the arm. Choose a medium size, elegant bag. Big bags should be avoided by ladies with filigree silhouette, because they will seem even smaller.


A belt is a wonderful invention, which allows you shape your silhouette in any way. Do you want to have a larger breast and to hide protruding belly at the same time? Put on a loose shirt and fasten the thin belt under the breasts. The breast will be clearly emphasized and loosely falling shirt will hide redundant pounds around the waist. Do you want to highlight or obtain a waist? You should put the belt on just there. However, if you put it on the hips area, you will optically add them a few inches.


Listing the ways on how to choose the accessories, it is impossible not to mention the jewellery. Every one of us love bling, after all. However, the line between good style and exaggeration is very thin, so you’d better be careful by choosing the jewellery. Actually, everything depends on the outfit. The more simple and more modest it is, the more jewellery you can put on. However, if your outfit is richly decorated, for example by the sequins and beads, it’s better to resign from competition in the form of jewellery. Remember also to maintain proper harmony and to not mix together different styles, for example, artificial jewellery with an elegant one, or gold with silver. The same relates to clothes – with the elegant dress doesn’t rather match wooden beads, or with the hooded sweatshirts diamond necklace.


It doesn’t matter whether they are prescription glasses or just sunglasses- they must fit your face shape and personality. So if you have a round face, choose rather angular frames, if your face has clear, strong features – it will become softer, thanks to oval glasses. Don’t wear by force the fashionable, thick frames, if they don’t fit you.

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