How to celebrate the New Year in Ecuador

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Certainly many times dreamed about it, to welcome the New Year in an exotic location. So why not get over some money to fulfill this dream? In the end, you only live once, and the night of New Year’s Eve is a very special, so it should be a special celebration. Think about spending it in a warm, exotic country, for example in Ecuador.

Kevin Labianco / photo on flickr

Kevin Labianco / photo on flickr

First, however, learn how the local traditions should look. With New Year’s Eve in Ecuador there are connected very original traditions completely alien to our culture. Residents of Ecuador are making special puppets for the New Year, called Años Viejos. They should be as close as possible in appearance to resemble a real person, associated with major events passing year. Generally, the puppet resemble a politician or a TV star.

At midnight Puppets are beaten with the strips, and then set in the fire to what is to be a symbol of farewell the old year. Another interesting, original custom, cultivated in Ecuador during the celebration of the New Year, it is men dressing up for the widow. This fun custom is to symbolize mourning for the old year. Men ask people for financial support for funeral of their husband, and as a reward they do a dance. It is certainly very comical view that is worth seeing.

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