How to buy travel insurance in a hurry?

Posted: August 18th, 2013 | Author: | Travel

Trips generally lead us to the many preparations and a lot of things we can remember a little too late. One of those things that is often overlooked is the insurance that is either ignored or left alone at the last minute.

blmiers2 / photo on flickr

blmiers2 / photo on flickr

The answer to the question posed in the title should be “do not buy insurance in a hurry.” Unfortunately, however, better to buy insurance quickly than never. What, then, to take care of and where to look for hooks?

Let’s start where we can find our offer interesting and not waste our time. The obvious source is the insurance agent or broker, especially if you already use the services of one of them. Another offer we can get sometimes in a bank whose clients are, sometimes by virtue of their funds in the bank can not even count on a discount. Also a good source of deals is the Internet. Despite the lack of time, remember to compare inserts and conditions at least initially.

How to choose insurance? Consider what risks are the most threatening and insure from them. Leaving the sea with the intention of lounging on the beach is unlikely to threaten us from getting lost and need to use the search party. Much more, however, we will be vulnerable to shocks, burns from jellyfish and other marine hazards. A good insurance agent will help us to choose the insurance coverage, but we should be careful not to get coaxed.

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