How to buy online without transfer fees

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English are more likely to buy online. Regular research confirms this fact, and even those  who until recently feared e-shopping, more and more frequently do not reach.  More and more there is also truth in the saying that in the Internet we can buy almost anything. In our country, you can safely do grocery shopping over the internet, and if you live in a major  city that is able to receive fresh products the same day.

_Dinkel_ / photo on flickr

_Dinkel_ / photo on flickr

However, in some bank accounts the problem is a commission for transfers. This, unfortunately, varies  from zero to as much more than a buck, which means additional expense for us. It is not large, but  even a small flow rate can be reduced. How? Instead of paying the transfer fee is enough to make the card wherever possible, and in the vast  majority of cards issued in Poland will pay them anywhere where systems are supported for prompt payment. For card payments we need first of all card number, name and surname of the owner (do not be afraid to enter Polish characters), card expiry date and security number.

There are generally three digits next to the signature strip on the back of the card. These data, which are almost always required. Sometimes we will also need to enter your e-mail address registered to your account, or other data. Keep in mind one thing. When paying by us can speak telephone verification system that checks whether we commissioned a payment. It does not happen always, but can occur. If you do not pick the phone that the payment will not go, and your card will be blocked and will have to call our office a call. This should not be seen as an inconvenience and remember that the guarantee is our money.

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