How to build a brick barbecue?

Posted: August 26th, 2012 | Author: | BBQ

To build a brick barbecue, you need: thin blocks available in various thicknesses, thin joint mortar, plaster, grate, and adequate tools.

In designing the barbeque you should take into account the following issues: the height of the base i.e. the distance from the ground to the furnace plate (recommended 60-70 cm); the size of furnace designed for four people (recommended width – 70 cm and depth – 40 cm), height of the walls of the furnace (recommended 30-50 cm); hood should be located at 60-70 cm above the furnace. Assemble: sizing of a grill; bricklaying of the first layer of blocks, the control of angles in the corners, gluing and sanding of successive layers; blocks should be laid horizontally at the third layer. In this way you get the first lower grill shelf.

The blocks intended for another layer should have holes cut out of the width and height of lintels. Later lay lintels and level them.In lintels you arrange grill-top made of blocks, and sand the top shelf. Blocks for the top of a grill should be milled under the grate and levelled. The furnace has to be finished with 5 cm thick blocks glued alternating with 10 cm wide strips.

Slopes of a grill should be ground at a right angle for perfect gluing. Then you need to adjust side and front elements and sand the walls. You should also cut out an arc finishing the chimney and adjust and glue the chimney crown. Next, attach side plates that will serve as a shelf. At the end you need to plaster the finished barbecue.

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