How to avoid wearing denim

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Denim is a very versatile material that can be easily adapted to every occasion. But keep in mind that it is equally easy to get burned, denim clothes do not fit because of anything. So if you do not want to make a painful fashion blunders, necessarily learn how to avoid wearing jeans. Long ago, at a time when only jeans became popular in Poland, all girls were dressed up in them from head to toe.

JD Hancock / photo on flickr

JD Hancock / photo on flickr

At that time it was not so unreasonable, and today it is a real fashion offense. So if you want to look well in denim clothes, never combine them together. Jeans looks best in a simple form, not an excessive amount of additives. Do you remember how trendy jeans were once washed in brocade? Today, they are synonymous with kitsch and trash. Similarly,as jeans embroidered with sequins, decorated with sequins or excessive embroidery. Decorations are fine if we put on minimalism.

A small, embroidered logo on the back pocket can add the charm, while the pattern trimmed with sequins, now stretching along the entire leg  it’s not good. Besides, remember that fashion is changing rapidly. So before another victim of short-term trend, think twice, if it is not better to choose the classical model of jeans, a shirt, or jacket that will never go out of fashion. Another frequently encountered error is incorrect matching shoes to denim pants. Remember that the best fit flared leg boots wedge and post, and tubing – high heels and ballerina, and straight leg virtually everything. Learn also not letting  the wide leg into the boots, just as we do in the case of tubes. Do not follow blindly trends.

Denim clothing selected based on the proportion of their figure. If you do not fit the high-waisted pants, do not wear them, even if they are just in the season on top. Risky are also abrasions which visually highlight the part of the body on which they are. If you cannot decide which fits your fashion silhouette, opt for a straight cut. It is completely universal and timeless. Beware of denim hipsters. Not only because of  your figure and its possible shortcomings. In this kind of trousers it is very easy to involuntary expose the body parts that should not be publicly displayed, especially when sitting down or leaning. A very bad idea is also to reveal underwear, and this is not difficult with the hipsters.

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