How to avoid scanning your credit card

Posted: August 17th, 2013 | Author: | Money

While watching television and surfing the Internet we could be hear several times that someone has copied someone bank card and used it to extract money from your account. How to avoid this? There are several methods and precautions that we present. When using an ATM should be careful and watch out for any suspicious items.

paalia / photo on flickr

paalia / photo on flickr

What can change in an ATM? For example, in a place where we put the card can be placed scanner that copies the magnetic strip on the card. It is worth to pay attention to the place and know how to be able to tell if in some way has changed. Also the keyboard may have an overlay, which aim is to read our PIN, you may want to look at whether it does not stick out more than usual, or not changed its altitude, etc. The place, which is worth noting as a scanner, magnetic card to open the door if the ATM is located in a closed room. The card can copy not only at ATMs. You might as well be done by paying the card.

Therefore, using this means of payment will not let him out of your sight. Often sensitized eaters in restaurants, you do not give your credit card and the waiter at the table waiting for the panel to the input pin. The less time we lose sight of our card the lower the risk. Feel free to use another mode which is kind of the last line of defense. And that is with SMS alerts. If someone copies your video card or it is stolen and the thief knows the PIN, you will receive an SMS notification that someone has to pay it. This gives us time for a quick response, call the bank and of the card.

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