How to avoid overpaying for banking services

Posted: August 18th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Currently on the market there are several popular banking institutions. Each one offers different fees and services. Sometimes we can say that we pay the bank a little bit too much. Here are some tips on how to avoid overcharging.

Josh Kenzer / photo on flickr

Josh Kenzer / photo on flickr

First, if we compare your bank charges fees friends and find that we pay a lot more, it is worth examining for what we actually pay. Does our market offer us something specific for the money? Or does it offer anything for the use of card? Sometimes there are additional services like insurance, cashback or some low interest rates on current accounts. However, if we are not offered anything or do not use these services in any way then you might want to change the account type for cheaper or even move to another bank.

You should also use your credit card. Very often, if you do not use plastic money you can be charged some money. The amounts that we pay and clues how to avoid them are always listed in the price list. This is often a one or three transactions per month on any amount. Sometimes there must be taken purchases of a certain minimum value.

Often, we also get SMS notifications on banking operations. They are useful, but sometimes banks offer free SMS alerts and email notifications. If you have a phone that allows you to receive e-mail, we might as well know this way and not have to pay extra. Anyway, we’ll find out about everything at once.

Banks often allow us to use a variety of premium card payments. It is worth to use them, regardless of whether it is a cashback or affiliated program. Do not matter to us whether you pay cash or by card, but if we can get something for the use of plastic why not use it? On the occasion cards should also find out which ATMs are possible without the commission to withdraw money. If you do not have access to the ATM network without any charges, the best will be simply not to use it.

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