How a pregnant woman can look fashionable and chic

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Accessories, Clothes

As a future mother you can look beautiful and fashionable, too. If you associate maternity clothes only with large, shapeless sacks and have trouble finding nice clothes for yourself yet,  be sure to read our tips. You will learn how to look fashionable  and chic while pregnant. Not so long ago, women were busily hiding  signs of pregnancy under loose clothes, often lent from their husbands.


Haleyface / photo on flickr

Haleyface / photo on flickr

Fortunately, today, Ladies. much more likely present their rounded belly, because the  blessed state is the real reason to be proud.  If you want to be fashionable  future mom, choose the clothes that emphasize your  pregnant nicely.  But don’t exaggerate too much and do not wear small and too short tops. Current fashion trends offer many nice oufits. Trendy are tunics, loose shirts, T-shirts with funny prints, decorative tops, long cardigans.  Therefore it is a lot to choose from. But do not forget that the most feminine you will present in dresses.  Choose those that are cut under the bust or have envelope neck, thanks to this they will beautifully emphasize the fuller bust and you look incredibly sexy.

Do you like to walk in pants? Bet on comfort and fit knickers fashionable lately, leggings or jeans equipped with a special belt, sustained belly. If you are a  working mom, you do not have to give up a pinch of elegance.  Select edge pants broader  in leg , made of soft, not restricting  material. When it comes to fashionable and comfortable shoes for the future mum, here we also have fashion that will meet your expectations.  From quite a few seasons enormous popularity gained ballerinas, available in many designs and colors, in both sporty version, as well as an elegant one. Equally comfortable and fashionable  are “jazz shoes” or moccasins. In summer, you can pick flip-flops or sandals for flat-heeled, particularly fashionable are the so-called “gladiators”. During the winter, you will be most comfortable in fur insulated or sheepskin snowboots.


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