House insurance – a bank or an insurer

Posted: August 15th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Taking a loan for an apartment you can be sure of one thing – surely the bank will require the payment of additional money for insurance against fire and accidents. For several years in the banking institutions built on the convenience of the customer and the insurance policy can be purchased on-site at the signing of the loan agreement. But is it worth it? Let me describe the case without citing tables and lists, because they change all the time.

Unfortunately, you have to pay for your own convenience. Signed insurance rates in a bank in most cases differ substantially from the offer that we get directly from the insurance company. Not only do they differ in almost all cases to the detriment of the client, but also the additional money that we pay can be even twice as high. Even if the difference is not so big, you might want to multiply it by the number of months for which we will pay the insurance, the number grows to a large size.

In the case of insurance companies that offer their services in several banks, you may even notice that in each bank price premium is slightly different, but generally will pay less if you sign a contract directly with an insurance company. At least it is currently like this. To sum up – Is it better to sign insurance at a bank or an insurer? Today it is so, tomorrow the situation may change. The best option is to compare the offers on your own at a time when we are going to buy such insurance, so that the data will be updated and the insurance well-chosen.

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