Home solutions for safe teeth whitening

Posted: August 10th, 2013 | Author: | Body Care

Dentists can effectively lighten the yellowish teeth and whiten the ones that became very darkened. Professional and well-made whitening is not detrimental to the teeth. Most recent treatments used to whiten teeth are softer for them than the acids in fruit juices.

Stuck in Customs / photo on flickr

Stuck in Customs / photo on flickr

However, not everyone can benefit from teeth whitening treatment. There are many contraindications for whitening, so the final final decision concerning whitening  must be taken by dentist. Generally, milk teeth fixed very young patients teeth, teeth of pregnant women are not bleached. Part of these contraindications are done due to insufficiently documented actions of whitening treatments for certain groups of patients, as well as theoretical possibility of side effects.

Some manufacturers use dental materials when preaparing whitening products like fluoride and potassium nitrate, as they claim it is against  further enamel remineralization and prevent hypersensitivity. Therefore, after whitening procedure, the whitening teeth, may be hypersensitive to cold, or to heat, sweet or sour flavour. However, in the opinion of doctors, such effect is short-lived and transient, and in the post-treatment you can use hypersensitive products to take care of your teeth and you can take medicine analgesic.



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