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One of the most interesting kind of insurance products which are additions to the main service is called package of home assistance. Although there is one name in the name stands for a variety of services, the range may vary depending on the package and the insurer.

Håkan Dahlström / photo on flickr

Håkan Dahlström / photo on flickr

One of the packages home assistance is the one that will help us in case of minor accidents such as malfunction hydraulic, electrical or hardware failures. Assistance package that applies to this type of failure we will cover the costs of intervention specialist, and most also give us access to professionals who will respond to the call very quickly.

Another service that we can provide home assistance package (especially if it is an addition to your home or apartment insurance against fire and accident insurance) is to organize us, if necessary, temporary lodgings in a hotel, storage survivors of things, and if we are not just around the oversight of their belongings. Some packages will hold us up care for children if we happen to be an accident or become seriously ill.

The use of the package of home assistance is limited to one phone application. after a quick verification of employees due to the insurer urging us to help. Its main advantage of this type of packages are mentioned inter alia the speed of the reaction. In many cases, in fact it is much more than help you organize themselves, in general, there are specialists are far more knowledgeable than drawn randomly from a newspaper advertisement.

It must be remembered that although we are promised mountains of gold and help in any situation, it is always somewhere there was a list of exceptions. In general, it is contained in the General Conditions of Insurance and we should read it and know very well that they did not turn out that we sign a contract for something that provides us with support only in theory.

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