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The vast majority of us have compulsory health insurance with the NHS. But we all know how the public health service works, with a queue, and unfortunately the quality of treatment. Unfortunately, we cannot unsubscribe from The National Health Fund and Social Security. However, we can further secure by the private health insurance, that will pay us the cost of treatment in private clinics.

florian_aut / photo on flickr

florian_aut / photo on flickr

Medical insurance often are combined into packages that include a diverse range of reimbursable treatments and specialists. Some packages include, for example, home visits and dentistry while others not. Everyone is able to find something for themselves.

The big benefit of the majority of such insurance is that you can choose a clinic where we want to be treated. Some insurers have provide a network of facilities in which insurance covers much more, but in any other setting you can be treated and costs will fall on the insurer.

The cost of such insurance starts at just under 50 pounds, and for this amount you can receive comprehensive medical benefits, similar to those what we have provided with the NHS. For an extra charge, we can find packets which include dentistry care, home visits and other additional benefits.

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