Gravestones and tombs insurance

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Cemeteries, unfortunately, are not always peaceful places. Sometimes we hear about the graves vandalized or even damages caused in accident by chance. Some tomb also costs quite a lot so you might want to insure it, in which case the insurer has covered the cost of the repairs.

Thomas Hawk / photo on flickr

Thomas Hawk / photo on flickr

Insurance ranges are quite wide, but we can not expect that there will be absolute. Most insurers will cover losses in the event of vandalism, storms and falling trees. Germans, however, expect and want to repair damage caused by inattention such as spilled wax or administrative action of the cemetery, the police authorities, etc. In case of such damage should apply for compensation directly from the company.

Also, landslides and the collapse are rarely included in insurance. Further damage the insurer will not cover minor damage is below a predetermined minimum size. In view of a high number of “no” – reasons against it,  should I insure a tomb? Of course, especially considering the fact that the rates are low and oscillate between a few dozen dollars a year which is not a large amount. To insure gravestone should place a detailed and current photos that if an event will help us to identify and measure the damage.

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