Grapefruit mask to clean skin

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The problems many women are dirty, oily skin, eczema, acne.

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Mask recipe for grapefruit

To perform facials with grapefruit need the following ingredients:

  • one large grapefruit
  • one apple,
  • five drops of lemon
  • five drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

How to use mask

Peel the grapefruit skin thoroughly and remove the white skin. We extract the pulp and juice of the fruit. In a large and deep dish shredded grapefruit to get the juice, fruit and fine particles. Carefully peel an apple with skin and rub. Add five drops of lemon and five drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then mix all ingredients together thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mass. We put the mask on your face, try not to put the mask on the eyes or the eye area. Mask can be applied to the neck. All we can cover lightly with gauze to well-kept mask on the face and neck. You can leave the mask on your face and neck for about 20 minutes. Then take off the gauze mask and washing spring water or sparkling mineral water. We can also wash your face with warm milk, or boiled water warm or cold.

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