Grapefruit Diet

Posted: December 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Grapefruit is widely regarded as one of the most healthy fruits and citrus fruits in general.

Each grapefruit has a huge amount of natural vitamin C and slightly tart and sour taste make juice out of it works very refreshing and even a very tired man can restore the strength not less than the little black dress. Because the grapefruits are not only low in calories, but also contribute to accelerated fat burning diet based on them is a great way to quickly get rid of excess pounds. Unfortunately, this is a fairly draconian diet, therefore, it is not recommended for everyone, it should be used only by healthy people, for whom a few days effort will not be too much load to the body.

Even fully healthy person should not use the grapefruit diet for more than a week, so it is great when you need to lose weight fast, and for example, we have an important ceremony, which necessarily must wear clothing, which somewhat “grown up”. For 7 days to observe strictly the rule that breakfast can only eat half a grapefruit drinking it unsweetened coffee or tea, for dinner, we will also have half grapefruit, and the two hard-boiled eggs and salad with tomato sauce, while the eat dinner for a change … half a grapefruit, plus a few slices of lean ham, the best chicken and half head of lettuce sauce seasoned to taste to the vinaigrette and bitter tea or coffee.

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