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There is a great variety of jokes about the students wealth. Contrary to popular belief, however, even a group known for eating Chinese soups have to keep their money somewhere. Carrying them in the wallet always with you or keeping in your dorm room is not always the best idea.

BdwayDiva1 / photo on flickr

BdwayDiva1 / photo on flickr

The perfect solution is a savings billing, and so ordinary personal account. The problem is that the student is unlikely to have a regular income and do not necessarily want to pay for the use of the account.

Another complication is that often require regular income to your account. While sometimes it is a declaration and scholarship can help here or other small amounts, it happens that there are required revenues on a fee or even a minimum amount per month.

Increasingly, however, banks provide the students with an account completely free and does not require any fees, minimum amounts and the like inconveniences. Banks are well aware of the fact that students at some point in their lives start working and they will be a kind of the specified client bank. Creating an account by the student is quite reasonable step since it helps to manage owned finance and store them safely, both from potential thieves as well as from my own carelessness.

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