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Products for polishing furniture contain chemical substances that help to spread the wax or oil on the surface of the furniture.

Photo credit: kpi / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: kpi / Foter / CC BY

Some products contain a dissolving agent that dilutes oil or wax, turning it into a liquid. Other products include emulsions, i.e. oil or wax dissolved in a liquid, most commonly in water. For cleaning furniture you can also use aerosols, i.e. dissolving agents or pressurized emulsions. Taking care of wooden objects is relatively easy. It often depends on the way they are used daily and not the kind of a products you’re going to use. If you do not place any hot objects or wet dishes on the furniture, furniture will be kept in a good condition. You can use various spray cans, cream cleaners or waxes to polish your furniture.

Using wax regularly will keep all surfaces masked and protected by a proper layer. Cleaning products for furniture provide nice, classic effects and shines, they are both cheap and practical. Below you’ll find some tips on how to polish and wax your furniture:

  • Wood before waxing should be clean and dry;
  • Wax must be applied with a clean cloth or a brush on small surfaces all at once;
  • Wax cannot be applied in large quantities;
  • Wax should always be applied along the wood grain;
  • Wax dries quickly and can be polished even after a few minutes;
  • Polishing should be done with a dry cloth, without leaving any remains, or with a brush for polishing wood;
  • It is recommended to make a second coating, if you want to get an intense shine and color.

Wooden furniture should be:

  • Cleaned along the rings,
  • Instead of water use a solution of vinegar and olive oil (in 1:1) for leaning and apply the solution on a cloth from artificial material,
  • Polish the furniture with a soft cloth soaked in oil, for example linen oil, and use a brush in places that are hard to reach,
  • You can use a mixture of turpentine, vinegar, cornstarch in ratio of 1:1:1,
  • Wooden furniture must be cleaned with a slightly damp, soft cloth, preferably made of microfiber, and then it needs to be quickly dried
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