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In the world there are two sure things: death and taxes. In the second case, they must be paid by us, the funeral costs someone has to pay. For such people we can get a funeral grant.

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digitalpimp. / photo on flickr

It relates to the person or persons who have to cover the costs of the funeral. The burial allowance is authorized to the immediate family of the deceased, his employer, a social welfare center, and even a representative of the municipality or religious organization to which the deceased belonged. If at the time of death of the deceased availed maternity, sickness or rehabilitation, the right to a burial allowance remains valid even if the insurance of the deceased was no longer valid.

A benefit of 200% of the average monthly salary (on the day of death of the deceased) is paid to the person who will complete the formalities. However, please note that to get the allowance we have only 12 months, after this time allowance will be unavailable. Please also note that the upper limit of payment of the benefit is the cost of a funeral To get the allowance, we certify fact on the form of payment of burial allowance of Social Security. If the funeral expenses were paid by many people, this benefit is divided among all the people, in proportion to the contribution. In addition to this form, you should also obtain a copy of the statement attesting to the costs of the funeral.

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