Fruity-floral perfume

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Fruity, floral perfume are slightly refreshing, sometimes strongly sweet. They enhence well-being of a person and regenerate power, stimulate the activity, encourage erotic playground. Fashionable perfume scents include: currants, sweet rose, grapefruit, tangerine, raspberry, orchids, violets, lavender, lily, jasmine.

*Katch* / photo on flickr

*Katch* / photo on flickr

Oriental, exotic fragrances are sensual vanilla, spices, roots and herbs. Women carefully and thoughtfully choose a perfume. Smell, clothes, makeup looks and draws the attention of the opposite sex. Beautiful perfume allows to express desires and emotions, stress the individuality and character of every woman.

Perfume maintains longer at a greasy than on a dry skin. Scents are stronger in the hollow of elbows, wrists, ears, in the hollow of knees, the neck. These are some places where the skin is thinner and you can instantly feel the pulse well. Perfumes maintained better on the clothes, but better not spray them, because the fabric can become permanently discolored. Heavy, strong, sweet, intensive perfume persists longer than a light, fruity and floral scents. Perfume should be stored in appropriate conditions. Vials of perfume need to be tightly closed and stored in a dark, cool place. This will prevent the smell loss.

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