Fruit diet for 24 hours

Posted: December 8th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

It is a diet which main purpose, like most short, but intensive diets, is to achieve the effect of cleansing the body of accumulated as a result of the city life, stress, poor eating, and other factors, large amounts of toxins.

This is quite a radical way of detoxification and diet, and therefore its use should be consulted for the first time with a doctor, it gives the effect of rapid purification of the body and provide it with a huge injection of vitamins. The important recommendation in this diet is to avoid peeling fruit peel (of course not in every case, no one forces you to eat an orange or banana peel) to simultaneously enhance the effect of receiving a large amount of fiber, which will speed up the metabolism and the additional positive effects in terms of both feel better, and maybe even a noticeable weight loss.

To control the caloric intake of fruit it is good to have previously prepared table containing the values of each of the fruits of power and control, if we do not eat too much, or too little. Finally, we should also mention that during the diet you need to drink beverages, apart from the obvious mineral water are at stake here also all kinds of fruit juices, but they should be squeezed by us and not bought, because in the case of the latter, we have no guarantee that they don’t contain sugar, even if the package says otherwise.

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