Four tips on how to increase the lips

Posted: October 15th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Mother nature gave not every one of us full, sensual lips. However, it doesn’t mean that a surgical intervention will be needed. There are a few ways which allow you to enlarge your lips in an easy and straightforward way.


Combining appropriate colours of cosmetics provides amazing effects. It is worth remembering that these light colours have seemingly enlarging properties. In order to make flat lips bulge it is possible to apply a simple trick. It will be sufficient to outline their corners with a darker lip liner, and the centre with a lipgloss. In this way the central part of the lips will become far more prominent. In order not to make it look artificial one should remember to choose cosmetics with the same, or a similar shade. You can completely forget about outlining the entire mouth with a dark lip liner, because instead of enlarging them, they will become even smaller, not to mention that such make-up looks dramatically.

Lipstick and lipgloss

For fans of different coloured lipsticks, the best way to enlarge lips is to apply lightening bits of lipgloss on them. This will cause the mouth seem fuller. At chemists there are also special Lipgloss & Lipstick in One available which will give far more lasting effects.


Every 2-3 days it is advisable to apply a massage to your lips, which will improve their blood supply and will make them soft and delicate. For such a massage it is possible to use a soft toothbrush . Regular lips massage will greatly improve their appearance.


It often happens that one lip is much narrower than the second. It is best then to apply two lipsticks with a similar shade, one brighter and the second darker. Underline the narrower lip with a bright lipstick, and the fuller one with a dark lipstick. Then spread gently both lipsticks in order to erase borderlines.


If you are not a fan of full lip make up, lipgloss should become your friend in the fight for enlarging your lips. The best lipgloss would be the one which contains ligthening grains. At chemists there are also lip enlarging spinners available. They contain substances correcting blood supply to the lips, thanks for which lips stay swollen for some time. Such cosmetics cause tingling or pinching in the lips, however it is not an unpleasant feeling and the outcomeis really amazing. Lipglosses with the addition of collagen derivatives are bringing longer lasting effects, however this can be more time consuming. They are filling wrinkles on the lips, and if youuse such a lipgloss regularly, lips can expand even by 40%.

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