Flight cancelled – what should I do?

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Airlines are now probably the fastest means of transport. At least in theory, because sometimes there are delays and even cancellations which is not only stressful, but in the case of such business can generate a lot of losses. What in this situation can do a passenger? Apply for compensation, of course, but he or she will not always be entitled to it.

Telstar Logistics / photo on flickr

Telstar Logistics / photo on flickr

What is important is the reason for the cancellation. Airlines are exempt from liability if it was not their fault, for example, in a situation where they are the cause of bad weather, tersaving accountist attack or political situation. In general claim for damages if the flight we did not take place due to the fault of the carrier.

The carrier may also pay us in advance refund of the tickets and reorganize the plan to travel as much as possible like the original. They do not have to pay compensation, unless of course you will be informed about it in advance. The amounts of compensation depend on the length of the journey and the destination and they can range from 250 euros to 600 euros as compensation. This amount may be reduced if the carrier offered us an alternative route. You do not need to know the specific provisions relating to events of this kind. You can get these when needed we just take it to the check after printing your rights. Employees must also give us a printout.

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