First time on a sunbed

Posted: October 8th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

If you use Tanning Beds for the first time, ask somebody from service for help. There are explain the service of the bed and of the basis of estimation of your complexion, how long should the first tanning last. It should last no more than 8 minutes, and at very fair complexion, half of this time.


It’s good to use cosmetics, created especially for using from solarium. They provide safety for your skin and help to quicker get nice colors. Cosmetics should be selected especially to the complexion. Some people can’t use the cosmetics, which are intended for tanning in the sun.


The make-up on the face will not only prevent us from getting tan but can also become a cause of ugly discolorations. It’s better to go to solarium at once without make-up, or to use the cleansing milk, which should always be available in the cabin.


Before tanning, one should precisely protect all birthmarks against tanning. A good idea is to spread them with a thick layer of cream.


Before using Tanning Beds, one should take off all jewellery. The heated metal can burn us very easily.


The skin, after the visit in solarium, requires the particular care. We cannot allow for its drying, so it’s good to use cosmetics for moistening, the best just after the bath, because then it’s more easily absorbed.

Deodorants and perfume

Directly before the visit in solarium, it’s forbidden to use perfume or deodorants, if we want to avoid discolorations. Some odoriferous substances subjected to the effect of UV rays can become toxic.

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