Fashionable nail polish

Posted: August 10th, 2013 | Author: | Body Care

Colorful nail polish , candy, almost neon will be very trendy in Spring . You should also pay attention for enamels designed to create an art manicure. They allow you to create intricate and artistic designs on the nails. Nail polish with glitter paint, metallic colors looks very interesting.

chicgeekuk / photo on flickr

chicgeekuk / photo on flickr


Delicate nail art can be done by using pearl finishes with pastel, pinks, purples, grays colors. Gold and silver nail polish is also fashionable. Red, maroon, blue, beige, brown colors are also trendy. The image of a fashionable woman of the twenty-first century, should be emphasized with fashionable dress, fashionable accessories, interesting makeup.

Nails in trendy colors can complement the appearance of the original women, as well as a nice fun with styles. Fashionistas who are preparing the latest collections of fashion, remember that the fashionable woman must be sensual, it can be aggressive, intriguing, compelling, mysterious, fascinating in appearance. Colors of nails should emphasize the mood of the owner and tweak the atmosphere. Color, fashionable women’s nails add charm and confidence. The latest trend in fashion, in the season 2013/20124 are nail colors that reflect the intensity of the seasons.

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