Fashionable braids

Posted: August 10th, 2013 | Author: | Haistyle

Long, thick, shiny, romantic braids – every woman and maiden dreams of them. Short braids, long braids are free falling along the arms; they can be pinned up in interesting way on the head, above the forehead. This hairstyle is perfect for evening out, but also for other occasions.

f∞lish kamina / photo on flickr

f∞lish kamina / photo on flickr

Hair in pigtails is always fashionable and timeless hairstyle. Hairstyles with pigtails is very suitable for romantic dresses. Traditional, single braid, canbe braid on the side looks good in front of the shoulder. Currently, there are various trendy hairstyles in slight disarray, careless, a little uneven that appear dispelled by the wind. In this way you can arrange curls, waves, buns and braids. Braid can be weaved a bit more carefully and freely.

It is not necessary to smooth the hair on your head, you can leave it slightly raised at the top. While putting foam on wet hair, at the front amd on  the sides you can let the strands of hair, and then the whole will look like as if gently blown away by the wind. Quite popular are also French braids.

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