Environmental cleaning in homes

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Detergents and cleaning chemical constituents, intended for cleaning in the home, can be harmful for people with allergies and also may cause various allergies. This applies to many allergy sufferers and people with skin problems.

Photo credit: phototouring / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: phototouring / Foter / CC BY

An alternative to the chemicals are environmental methods. However, some fear the use of such measures because they are afraid that they will not be as effective as those enriched with artificial additives. Products manufactured with natural ingredients are gentle to the skin.

Vinegar is very often used in such products. It is a cheap and universal substance that easily dissolves various stains and dirt. It is even better when mixed with soda. Grey soap is also a very cheap, ecological and effective cleaning product, however less common contemporarily. Grey soap contains natural plant oils and potassium, which is the cheapest and most effective cleaning substance. You can dissolve fats in it and clean dirty floor using it. For some kinds of dirt you can use borax, i.e. a kind of a chemical substance, also known as soda salt of borax acid. Borax can be bought online, in pharmacies or in industrial stores where it is used a substance for brazing. Detergents are harmful because of their long term impact on the environment and on people, especially small children, whose bodies are particularly fragile and sensitive. Stores also offer cleaning products for people suffering from allergies, but they can be quite expensive.

Many cleaning products contain detergents, which are synthetic substances with no addition of soap. They can be found in washing powders, dishwashing liquids, window cleaners, as well as many other chemical cleaning products. Human body accumulates them in the liver, in fat tissue and in muscles, where they can cause various skin diseases, nervous system diseases, liver diseases, which is not immediately apparent when you smell the nice odor of such products.

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