Effective air humidifiers

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Keeping appropriate level of humidity in the air indoors is difficult, because both too dry air, as well as too humid air can be harmful. Humid rooms can develop mold and fungus. In dry, heated, air-conditioned rooms your mucous membrane can become dry.

Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik / Foter / CC BY

Mucous membrane of your eyes, nose, throat needs proper moisture in order to protect your body from viruses and bacteria.Modern humidifiers provide air humidity and air cleansing at the same time. Air humidifiers can be used in winter and in summer. Modern humidifiers include: steam appliances, plate humidifiers, ultra sound humidifiers, evaporating humidifiers. They are often used in offices and apartments. Humidifiers are mostly mobile and can increase air humidity both in offices and private apartments. They can be equipped with water containers, control panels (buttons and switches), mechanics thanks to which the accumulated water can evaporate.

In winter with central heating turned on, air humidity might decrease by 20 – 30%. This makes it more easy to get infected, especially when it comes to your respiratory system, mucous membranes, throat and your general well-being. Low humidity will also affect the floor, furniture and will create electrostatic fields that might cause sparks while taking clothes off. That is why it is recommended to use air humidifiers that can increase air humidity up to 45 – 55%. Using humidifiers is recommended in private apartments and offices, if:

* You have a small child,
* You are allergic (or anyone else in your household)
* parquet is laid on the floor,
* There is an unpleasant sensation of something crawling in your throat, poor breathing.

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