Ecological construction and grants

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In recent years, more and more we stand to protect our planet from ourselves. The result is an increased focus on ecology and pollution reduction, conservation of non-renewable raw materials.

Stuck in Customs / photo on flickr

Stuck in Customs / photo on flickr

One of the effects is energy efficient construction. It featured a number of different grants, the most recent one focuses on the use of solar energy by using solar panels. Although the placement of solar panels on the roof or in the yard cannot be only electricity source especially due to our climate. However, solar power can reduce our electricity bills, as well as heating and hot water.

The installation itself not one of the cheapest and simplest investments. However, you should know that since 2014, such investments will be funded with a fairly substantial amount, which, will return soon by the difference in the accounts. In addition, recently we rely on support in the form of loans for green home construction, which are granted on more favorable terms than regular loans for house construction. Solar collector delivers power to our homes, but also heat, which may even be used for heating the tap water or the radiators.

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