Early retirement for member of an agricultural cooperative

Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Savings

There may be many reasons that may force us to apply for early retirement. Especially, since it was decided that we will work up to 67 years of age, the age at which some people are simply unable to perform normal operation.

doc(q)man / photo on flickr

doc(q)man / photo on flickr

Procedure for early retirement is not something especially complex. Much more of an obstacle is confusing rules, completely different than what logic tells us. And here is the main problem. Is membership in agricultural cooperatives will count as years of service in calculation for early retirement? Logic dictates that if we worked and received wages, it is likely to be in that situation, and the time can be counted as years of service.

It turns out that this conclusion is wrong. Recently, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment in the case ruled that according to the law on pensions from the Social Insurance Fund, and the Council of Ministers of retirement talk exclusively about people insured, and therefore actively discharging premiums. It turns out that this condition does not include the people who are members of cooperatives, so their years of service cannot be credited for the purpose of applying for early retirement.

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