E-mail payment systems in the country and the world.

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With the Internet, the world has become a very small place. Even a few hundred years ago the journey from England to Polish lasted weeks, we are now able to order the product from the UK and get it in a few days. While domestic trade is dominated by internet transfer while buying from abroad more often we can meet with e-mail payment systems.

liewcf / photo on flickr

liewcf / photo on flickr

The most representative of such payment is PayPal, which does not have a Polish branch and we do not need one as the establishment of the account is very easy. A key element of creating an account on PayPal and verification can be done in two ways. You can hook into your bank account payment card, from which a sample is small charge for use by us in the course of purchases with this system. You can also check your bank account, from which there will be transferred several tens of cents, and the system will prompt you to enter the data sent payment.

The purchase by PayPal resembles the so-called. quick payments, which are increasingly popular in Poland. The main difference is that we can send money to someone knowing only his e-mail. Another difference is that the vendor can fill in the “bill” and send it to the client, and he will be able to pay in the manner of their choosing, with many sites offering this type of transfer is a credit card, bank transfer or by using an existing account on the site .

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