Dynamic deposit – what and how?

Posted: August 17th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Deposits are very safe financial products that gives us a profit from the interest. Unfortunately, the downside is low interest rates and lack of access to resources before it is finished. While the first drawback hard her something to do while maintaining security, the problem of access to resources can be solved assuming a savings account or using a wide range of dynamic investment.

diaphalene-for-dainty-lingerie-2_lIt is based on the fact that the funds in the account are capitalized at a time. From time to time it is also growing interest in the account. For example, one month after the deposit will have interest rate of 3%, and each month will increase by a predetermined amount, unless we take measures in advance. The longer it gets, the more profit is generated. You should pay close attention to not become confusing with those beautiful digits. We may think that the interest we receive for holding the twelfth month of the deposit is large, but they do not address the entire duration of the deposit, and only last month.

How to calculate the real interest rate? Just add up the percentages for each subsequent month and divide by the number of months. The result, unfortunately, is very often disappointing. So what to choose? Dynamic investment or savings account? I would recommend in this case, a healthy and realistic approach. This means that you should sit down with a calculator and calculate exactly do you all, and then select from more favorable interest rates.

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