Documents required to sign a contract when buying an apartment on the secondary market.

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Each contract requires that you have some documents that are necessary for the completion of its provisions. Even if they are not as fundamental as the identity document is a document that is the same agreement written down. When buying a home from somebody needed a little more documents than usual, because the transaction is of significant value.

Robb North / photo on flickr

Robb North / photo on flickr

Let’s start with the preliminary agreement. For its preparation and signing will be necessary for us first of all identity documents, on the basis of which you can check the data for both sellers and buyers. It should verify the vendor and compare data from a document with the indications given in the example in the land register and agreements.

Real Estate Mortgage Register is a public document and should absolutely be familiar with it and make sure everything is in order. You can not assume that every seller is a fraud and bad we want, but then why take the risk? It should also be borne in mind that the land register is a living document and may change from day to day, so the closer the agreement signed her check, the reliable is a source of information.

Further documents that should we provide the certificate of the seller are no arrears for the charges resulting from the operation of the premises and others. They are released among others by housing and has to get the seller, in accordance with the cooperative should not provide such information to anyone other than the current owner of the apartment.

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