Divided plate diet

Posted: December 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

It is a diet designed for those people who do not like counting calories every day, in every meal they eat and look just a much simpler to control what they eat, and thus also their weight.

It is based on the fact that the simple table plate with a diameter of approximately 25 centimeters is divided so that two of its quadrants were always intended for vegetables and the remaining part of the protein, one for  meat, eggs or fish and the last for products such as corn, potatoes, or white bread. This diet can applied by everyone, it is advisable due to the very large amount of fiber, which is, after all, always take up half the plate. The advantages of this diet is primarily the possibility of eating everything that we had so far, although in different proportions, no need to constantly counting calories, 5 regular meals a day, and the lack of a yo-yo.

Sample meals in one day such a diet may include at least: breakfast of omelet with vegetables, cereal with yogurt or dark bread with a little cheese and a glass of fruit juice, dinner – vegetables and meat dark (in the proportion of 2-1-1) or spaghetti with tomatoes, where the pasta will take only a quarter of the plate, and supper, which we can eat a slice of brown bread with lean ham, for example, chicken and seafood, baked potato with plenty of vegetables or tortilla with chicken and vegetables.

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