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This is another diet that wandered into Polish from the United States, where it was particularly popular among movie stars in Hollywood.

The diet was created through the work of dr. Barry Sears, an American nutritionist and biotechnologist, and is also called as zone diet, or 30-40-30, which is a term derived from the proportions in which you should eat during the diet – observing the relationship between the basic components of the diet – is to be there 30 percentage of energy from protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 30 percent fat. Zone diet is one of the low-carbohydrate diets. Through the use of them, you may lose 3 kg in a period of two weeks, which is not a large value and thus can be used almost all the people but of course those with diseases of the urinary tract should first seek the advice of your doctor. Because the rate at which the weight is loose and inch is relatively small, there is little chance of the fact that at the end of the diet appears yo-yo effect.

Choosing to our diet meals to try to be fat and unsaturated fatty acids also contain Omega-3, carbohydrates, should have a low glycemic index, which forces the reduction of products with a high content of starch. However, the best source of protein would be lean meat, poultry, marine and freshwater fish, as well as fat free dairy products, glairs and soy products, which has got many proteins.

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